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Updated October 6, 2015

arctic logoThe Alaskan Chapter of FMCA, the “Arctic Travelers” currently have 81 members from many areas throughout the state of Alaska. The Arctic Travelers Chapter was Cformed in August 1992. During the winter months we hold monthly meetings, have dinner, share travel experiences, ideas, technical information and interesting fixes from personal experience. During the summer months our rallies offer RVers an opportunity to experience life on the road, while enjoying the camaraderie, activities and friendships. At the rallies you will find a mix of interactive entertainment, the sharing of information, and visiting new places. If you are interested in joining the Chapter or if you would like more information contact Tes Grubbs at 907 746-6585, or my E-mail is

Here's an Application Form.


President James Grubbs
Vice President Harry Koenen
Secretary Tes Grubbs

Treasurer Tes Grubbs 907-746-6585
National Director Jim Grubbs
Alt. Nat'l Director George Shower    
Newsletter Editor Tes Grubbs 907-746-6585