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Updated September 25, 2021

Here is the direct link to the L & C website.  If you save it to your favorites, you will have easy access to the site whenever you wish to view it for updates.

The web address is:   

October 8, 2015

Greetings Everyone,

I am very happy to announce that a new L & C website is now online!  Over the last several weeks the board approved the creation of a new website for the club.  Our new Web master designer Cal Leckington has done an awesome job creating the site.  We are in hopes that the website will reduce the number of emails that are currently required for the membership and make it easier for all members to keep up to date on current events.  ALL ADDRESSES & ALL PHONE NUMBERS of our membership WILL NOT appear on the website except for what each member personally posts in the newsletter.  Our ROSTER WILL NOT be posted online!

A special feature to the website is the GALLERY.  Members can submit photos of rallies and club events to be posted on the website.  All photos submitted will be reviewed for proper content before being uploaded to the site.

This is a 2 year trial to see how the membership likes and uses the website. I am personally very proud of this new project and it is my hope that the membership will see the value of this new tool.

Please review the website.  I invite your comments positive or negative, the website will also be discussed at the upcoming Seaside Rally.

Here is the direct link to the new L & C website.  If you save it to your favorites, you will have easy access to the site whenever you wish to view it for updates.   Current emails will continue until the membership adjusts to the website.

The web address is:   

Thank You,

Mike May, President 


logoScope: Must be a member of Thousand Trails. The 8-10 annual rallies take place only in this RV system parks. The rallies alternate between RV parks in Oregon and Washington, and are scheduled for both weekdays & weekends to allow working members to attend. Many of the members are snowbirds, and do schedule lunch gatherings in Palm Springs, Desert Hot Springs & Yuma AZ. All members of both FMCA And Thousand Trails are welcome to join our chapter.

Roger Beausoleil, President, 7850 O'Neil Rd. NEA, Keizer, OR 97303. Phone: 503-390-4753. Email:




President Roger Beausoleil F384106
Vice President Andy Anderson F391945
Secretary Schar Olsen F416532
Treasurer Russ Watkins


National Director Janel Burger F362751
Alt. National Director Larry Rasmussen F398051
Newsletter Editor Susan Rasmussen F420417