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Updated February 1, 2023

The Oregon Trail Drivers RV club was established in 1975 and has members from all over Oregon.  We typically have an outing every month from May to September or October.  They are usually three or four days depending on the location, which can be anywhere in Oregon and possibly southern Washington.  We have some of the best campgrounds in the country and the most beautiful scenery.  Aren’t we lucky.

Joining a club is an excellent way to get to use your RV, see new places and meet new people.  We are looking forward to having the towable RV’s joining us.  We as a club are looking for enthusiastic and involved campers to join our club.

Click Here for How to Join Oregon Trail Drivers RV Club



President Guy Cambone 503-393-8966
Vice President Joe Bolkovatz 503-277-8741
Secretary Debbie Schliske-Kuhl 541-207-7641
Treasurer Debbie Cambone 503-393-8966
National Director Darrell Watson 503-319-5237