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FMCA NW Bulletin Board

The Governing Board Meeting is in the books. We accomplished a great deal.

We saved FMCAssist,  The Governing Board approved a $25 a year dues increase to cover the cost of the Program. I know this sounds like a lot, but when you price other EVAC Insurance from other companies $25 a year is a steal. This increase will take place immediately.

Election of Officers:

Jon Walker        President
Rett Porter         Sr. Vice President
Kathie Balogh    Secretary
John Reynolds  Treasurer

By Law Amendments...Both 1 & 2 passed

Policy & Procedure changes:
Proposal #1  Amended because of a clerical error
Proposal #2 Parts of this was changed because of verbiage
Proposals #3 & #4 Approved
Proposal #5 Changed...the IRS confirmation Notice is all that needed.
Proposal #6 Under campaign ethics a sentence was removed. The first sentence of the proposed change was removed starting with "Any Communication shall...……...……" The second sentence was kept.
Proposal #7, #8, & #9  Approved
Proposal #10  Rejected and sent back to committee for a rewrite.

If you would like to read all the proposed By Law and P&P changes they can be found on the FMCA web site at www,

The $285,000. was approved for the new computer system. Protec is a far superior system than the Elan System FMCA is using now. It is Microsoft Cloud supported, which the Elan system is not. It will take 6 to 9 months to get it up and running with the input of ALL FMCA information, and will be able to handle all the platforms used by FMCA...which Elan does not. This system will be paid for with a bank loan amortized over the next 5 years. FYI at this point in time FMCA is debt free.

The monthly maintenance fee will be less than the $6400 that Elan charges.

It was a very long meeting, not adjourning until approx. 6:30 pm

Bobbi Radford, Northwest Area Secretary