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The Chapters of FMCA are the real essence of Family Motorcoaching. There is a saying--"it takes a long time to make an old friend," but it seems to be just the opposite. Good Friends happen quickly within the Chapters of FMCA. Click on the Chapter Links above to go to a page where each of the chapters of the Northwest Area is listed. If you click on the name of the chapter, it will take you to more detailed information. Following are the Information Services that provides for each chapter.

Introduction: One of the major reasons for the NW Area Web Site is to provide Internet-based, timely communication for Chapter members, as well as to reduce printing and mailing costs. The Internet is a powerful communications tool. It can also be a source of lots of junk! We want to communicate effectively while protecting our members' privacy. We publish only those email addresses of chapter officers with their permission so as to allow members and prospective members to have accurate contact information. This is a description of the services that we can offer your Chapter at no cost. It is important to remember that any information published on a Chapter page or sub page can be altered, updated or changed by contacting the secretary: Roxanne Parish, Each Chapter has a tremendous potential for lower communication, printing and mailing costs by using these services.

Contact Information: Each Chapter has a page where the officers and their contact information are listed. This page starts with a Chapter Logo if it exists along with a statement of Mission or Purpose. The scope of coverage is also described. This page also contains the hot links to the other pages that the specific Chapter wants to have on the web. The Chapter Secretary is responsible to emailing any changes in officers, email addresses and phone numbers to the webmaster in a timely manner.

Rally Schedules/Rally Registration Forms: Each Chapter is encouraged to publish their Rally Schedule at the beginning of each year. Each Rally can have a Rally Registration Form published to enable Chapter Members to print the form, fill it in and send it to the Rally Master.

Newsletters: Each Chapter can post their current Newsletter on a sub page with a hot link from their Chapter Page.

Bulletin Board: This is a moderated bulletin board when posts are sent to the Webmaster who edits them for good taste, appropriateness and language. The message is added to the Chapter Bulletin Board within a day of so of receipt by the Webmaster. This can be a very effective way for members to post important information in a timely fashion. This can be used for changes to schedules, locations, political issues, etc.