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Governmental and Legislative Affairs

FMCA offers support services to our members to help protect the rights of Motorhome Owners in cities, counties, states and in with the Federal Government. There is a National FMCA Governmental and Legislative Committee headed by Max Durbin ( and has several members that dedicate their volunteer efforts protecting the rights of FMCA Members at all levels of Government. Each State can have a Governmental and Legislative Affairs Volunteer, whose efforts are supported by this National Committee. The Northwest Area-FMCA has the following Volunteers:


Lee Keeler
Washington Open  
Canada (Victoria) BC Andy Balogh
Idaho open  
Montana open  

We are looking for Members in the States and Provinces who are willing to volunteer to be a State Representative. If you are interested after reading the description below, please contact Kathie Balogh, - 503-530-0166.

Here are some of the Services that a State Chairperson can bring to bear on specific issues:

EMAIL: We can email all FMCA members who live in specific States or Zip Codes to alert them to potential negative legislation, regulations or ordinances.

TESTIFYING: With prior approval by FMCA, the State Chairperson can testify in behalf of our members at Public Hearings.

FMCA NORTHWEST Letter Head snail and email: We can send a letterhead email or snail mail to specific members of committees, commissions, etc to place in the record FMCA’s position on legislation, regulations or ordinances that are not in our Member’s interest.

OFFICER COMMUNICATION: It is possible, to have our National Vice President – Northwest Area of FMCA, National Chairman of the Legislative and Governmental Affairs Committee and/or the National FMCA President send a letter to members of committees, commissions, etc to communicate the interests of our Members.

We need one interested, willing and enthusiastic individual to be on the ready to take up these causes in each State and Province. The causes are to work against legislation that is unfair to FMCA Members. The work can be to defeat legislation that is detrimental to the fair use or taxation of our Motor Homes., The ideal candidate, in addition to having the qualities shown above, should live near or within short driving distance to the State legislature. I urge you to look at your personal qualities, assess your time availability and then volunteer to be the one to help your fellow motorhomers by being on the ready to take up the necessary causes. This is not a full-time activity, but one that can become intense during those periods when you will be needed. The pay is in job satisfaction and the undying gratitude of the motorhomers in your jurisdiction for the good work that you will have done. Max Durbin is National Vice President – FMCA International Area and chairman of the FMCA Legislative and Governmental Affairs Committee. Max is responsible for all States and Provinces along with the Areas specific National Vice President. A state Chairman takes direction from Max and myself. Reasonable expenses need to be pre-approved by Max and are reimbursed by FMCA. Contact me or Max Durbin at

Remember, you don't have to be an expert in government issues. You only have to be intelligent, enthusiastic and full of energy. Being a good speaker is another attribute that will stand you in good stead. If you know of such a person in your State then talk him or her into doing the important work. Ideally we will have all States and Provinces represented by a team of Special Volunteers.

Kathie Balogh,, National Vice President – Northwest Area – FMCA, 503-530-0166.